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Lego – Super Heroes Avengers Assemble Captain America vs Hydra Set – 76017


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The evil Red Skull has seized the cosmic cubeand is bringing chaos to the world in the rugged Hydra off-road vehicle withworking suspension wheels, rotating turret and dual flick missiles. Hop on themotorcycle and race Captain America to the rescue. Will he be able to disarm itusing his impenetrable shield and recover the cosmic cube? Includes 3minifigures with assorted accessories: Captain America, Red Skull and a Hydrahenchman.
Includes 3 minifigures with assortedaccessories: Captain America, Red Skull and a Hydra henchman
Features Captain America motorcycle with workingsuspension wheels and a Hydra battle vehicle with articulated wheels, rotatingturret and dual flick missiles
Accessories include a shield and a cosmic cube
Crush the Captains motorcycle if he gets tooclose!
Throw the super-tough shield into the path ofthe Hydra
Rotate the turret, take aim and fire the flickmissiles
Take back the cosmic cube before Red Skull takesover the world!
Hydra vehicle measures over 6 (17cm) high, 5(15cm) long and 2 (6cm) wide
Captain America motorcycle measures over 2 (6cm)long, under 1 (1cm) high and 1 (2cm) wide

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