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July 19, 2018
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Lego – Disney Princess Ariel Sea Palace – 41063 Multicolor


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Ariel and sister Arana, friends of Sebastian, and along with Flanders, to adventure in the ocean Let’s Go! Ariel and Arana are preparing for a concert. Piano and maracas, I have a nice performance by using a microphone. Cave of Ariel’s secret, filled with various things that were collected from the ground of the world. Let Tawamureyo the waves together and Flounder and dolphins. At the end even one more day. Eat a snack with everyone, and down the slide, let night in the shells of bed. All, you soon! First of all, I assembled the palace of Ariel sea. Then Let’s play together with everyone! Ariel and Arana, Sebastian, Flounder, with dolphin.

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